Self healing feature

This means that when the mats are used properly with shape knife or rotary cutter, the cuts tend to from back together. And the process of this we called”Self healing”.

Optional Sizes&Colors

Various sizes and colors for our customer to choose from.

Different Grading

We provide cutting mat from Grade C to A+. Each grade shows the different in the material we used during the production. 

Custom Service

We provide several custom services such as “custom logo, custom color and custom pattern”

Golden Plus

We are a local Taiwanese cutting mat manufacturer founded in 1973 and has been working in this industry for over 45 years. 

Recently established an international trade company “Golden Service Plus” in 2017 to open our retail market from all over the world. In order to expand our business to other countries, 

Our new brand“Golden Plus” is for promoting all of our cutting mat products. As a cutting mat supplier, we have been supplying many kinds of cutting mats with different companies and help them gain their success. Since the cutting mat is a crucial tool for a lot of people in their daily work-life, 

Our top mission is focusing on providing quality cutting mats to crafters, quilters, and hobbyists. Help their daily operations more efficient and safe.  We have been trying to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, so if you need any advanced cutting mats, please feel free to contact us!