Cutting mat introduction


100% Pure PVC Eco-friendly material

Grade A+ and A are both using eco-friendly material with the best PVC material. But the biggest difference between these two is our A+ cutting mat has certificated by SGS, EN-71, and CA Prop 65.

50%/50% raw and recycle material

Grade B is using 50% raw material and 50% recycled material. In the middle layer of cutting mat we insert a hard PVC board to enhance its durability. This grade is very popular for the market and perfect for normal daily used.

100% recycle material

Grade C is using 100% recycled material. This kind of cutting mat are normally use as the giveaway or promotions products. In certain area, it’s also a popular choice due to it’s price.


3 Layers (A+/A)

Layers for this grade are made of 100% strong and pure PVC raw materials. Especially, the middle layer is made of eco-friendly material and has certificated by EN-71 and CA Prop 65.

5 Layers (B)

The top and bottom 2 layers of this grade are made of half PVC raw material and half recycle material. And the middle layer is a hard PVC board to enhance its durability.

3 Layers (C)

Grade C layers are all made of 100% recycle materials.