Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most “Frequently Asked Questions” we’ve been received from our customer. If you have the same question as them, feel free to check this page and find the answer. If your question is not on this page and couldn’t find the answer, please also feel free to contact us for help!

Q1. How many sizes of cutting mat do you have?

We now only sell 4 size of cutting mat online which are A1, A2, A3 and A4. So we have 4 different size of cutting mat as options for you to choice from.

Q2. What's the maximum size you have?

Our maximum size in stock is A1. You can find a true size A1  24×36″(Full26x38″) and a standard size A1 23×35″(Full24x36″)

Q3. How many color of cutting mats do you have?

We now have 5 different colors of cutting mats sell on Amazon. Black and purple in one double -sided cutting mat. Three different one color double-sided cutting mat which are rose red, green and light green.